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What is #LanderStrong?

Lander Strong began in the wake of Corona Virus AKA Covid-19. After the intense spread of a dangerous virus across the US and the world, came the call for social distancing and self quarantining. With the hopes of slowing the spread of this virus the world quickly came to a stand-still. And for a small town like Lander, WY local small businesses and the economy as a whole took a huge hit. 

Lander Strong was an initiative started by small business owner Ron Hansen. Ron Hansen owns and runs Wind River Outdoor Company and the One Stop Market here in Lander. He hopes that this will help bolster our small economy and help keep it from falling apart during the crazy time our world is in. 

How does it work?

If you are a local business owner or are just an individual with services to offer during this virus, submit those services or offers here. For example restaurants that offer carry-out and curb-side pick up or an individual willing to pick-up groceries for a neighbor. We will post them on the Lander Strong blog to keep the public in the know and to help small businesses stay stable in this very unstable environment and remind the community we are here for our neighbors.

Would you like to donate to the #LanderStrong effort?
Submit your info on the "Want to Help?" page. 

During times like this it's good to know you live in a community that supports one another. There is no doubt that this will pass and things will return to normal once again. We just want to be sure that when that happens we are all still in business and our economy is still in as good a shape as possible. 

Let's stick together and help one another out.

Together we are strong. 

Together we are #LanderStrong.

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