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Possible financial relief

Check out this info.

Repost from LEDA. Thank you so much for sharing the info LEDA!

"LEDA received this information today from our friends at Rural LISC (the arm of LISC focused on rural community ED)

**This may be a venue for some financial relief**

The LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) Small Business Recovery Fund Grants should go live this Friday by end of day. It will be open for a longer period of time than the first round, so slightly less of a mad dash. Here’s the link to the landing page in case you need it:

Lander applicants should still Rural LISC as their referral, which will give them some bonus points. The Lander area has been identified as a priority area. On the first round of applications, 55,000 were received, so it helps to have an edge."

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